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Intestate Probate

The process of distributing the decedent's property will be handled by a probate court if he or she died intestate. Also known as intestate succession, it has similarities to the probate process when a will is present. Still, the terms…

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Probate: What you Need to Know

A good estate planning attorney will assist you in creating a plan that minimizes or avoid probate. Probate proceedings are part of the public record and can be very time-consuming and expensive. However, in nearly every case, some probate is…

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Getting Through Probate

The loss of a close relative is one of life's most difficult experiences. In addition to the emotional aspect of loss, there is the stress of handling the deceased person’s estate and affairs. This part can be especially overwhelming. The process…

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A Guide to Probate

ABA describes probate as the legal process by which a will is given formal recognition and a personal representative (executor) is appointed to administer the estate. Navigating the probate process will vary according to state law. Therefore, it is good to…

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Do You Need Probate?

What is Probate?  How do you determine if you need a Probate? Probate sounds expensive and complex; it is a standard legal procedure formalizing how some assets pass from descendants to their chosen heirs or beneficiaries. Whether or not you…

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